Candy Club (NEW Flavors!)

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Candy Club is a premium candy company with deliciously fun, unique candy from all around the world! Sourced from national and international candy makers to mom-and-pop confectioneries - our candy brings a modern twist on classic sweets, making it whimsical for kids with a touch of nostalgia for adults. 

Treats are FINAL SALE.


  • Dark Chocolate Twists: Crisp mini pretzels dunked in creamy, decadent dark chocolate
  • Choco PB Pretzel Pillows: Peanut butter filled pretzel puffs covered in creamy milk chocolate
  • Gimme S'Mores: Bite-sized morsels of marshmallow and graham covered in rich milk chocolate 
  • Nutty Caramel Clusters: Milk chocolate roasted peanut clusters gushing with a layer of decadent caramel 
  • Cupcake Bites: Vanilla cake batter morsels dotted with sweet rainbow sprinkles
  • Celebration Bites: Rich fudge brownie bites covered in vanilla frosting and rainbow confetti 
  • Cookies N Cream Bites: Toothsome vanilla bites flecked with crunchy chocolate cookie crumbs
  • Peach Hearts: Get that warm, fuzzy feeling with sweet-tart, peach-flavored gummy hearts 
  • Cookie Dough Bites: Dough-liciously chewy milk chocolate covered morsels.
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Bites: Peanut butter cookie 'dough' morsels covered in rich milk chocolate.
  • Churro Bites: Toothsome morsels of cinnamon sugar 'dough' in creamy frosting coating.
  • Pink Piglets: Go ham on these sweet and sour raspberry flavored gummy piglets! 
  • Lemonade Straws: Toothsome sour laces filled with mouth-puckering pink lemonade delight
  • Berry Blue Sour Laces: Sour-coated laces with a mouthwatering, blue raspberry flavor 
  • Watermelon Sour Belts: Wonderful watermelon flavored belts covered in puckering sour sugar
  • Rainbow Sour Belts: Multi-colored strips of super-sour fruit flavored delight!
  • Lemonade Rings: Juicy rings in classic, strawberry, and pomegranate lemonade flavors. Non-GMO. 
  • Dark Chocolate Mini Melts: Decadent orbs of velvety dark chocolate filled with reach sea salt caramel.
  • Chocolate Toffee Peanuts: Fresh roasted peanuts layered with butter toffee, milk chocolate, and powdered sugar.

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